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At Kepner’s, we do more than just repaint and repair automobiles that have been damaged in accidents.  We are what you would call car people.  We love cars, old or new it doesn’t matter to us, we love making them look better!

One of the things we love to do most is to help breathe new life into tired old vehicles in need of a little help.  We can handle almost any level of restoration at our shop.  Whether it’s as simple as a fresh coat of exterior paint, restoring the interior, or doing something as complicated as a complete frame-off show quality restoration… we can handle it!

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"i Am The Greatest"

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A Labor Of Love

Kepners had the unique privilege to restore Muhammed Ali’s 1978 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible.  Ali was a nearby resident, and the car had fallen into disrepair over the years.  They knew Rich Kepner from other car repairs they’d had done there, so they chose Kepners to restore it. 

Bringing It Back To Life

The original intent was to simply repaint the car, as it was destined for a museum. But as repairs progressed, Muhammed Ali decided to include many other parts- like a new convertible top, interior, and more.  He also wanted to drive it again before it entered the museum, which required some extensive work on the brakes and other systems. The car weighed in at over 6,000 pounds! 

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A Part Of History To Share

The full restoration was completed in about two years, and Muhammed Ali got his wish- to once again drive his beloved convertible.  The car was eventually placed in the Muhammed Ali Museum in his home town of Louisville Kentucky, where it is displayed to this day.  There is a plaque about the Kepners restoration displayed with the car.