Benton Harbor – St. Joseph Auto Detailing Center

 Let Us Detail Your Car, Truck or Boat

Exterior Surface Detailing

We specialize in polishing, buffing and color sanding minor to medium scratches and imperfections in your cars paint.

We start with a thorough wash of your automobile followed by a high quality machine buff/polish with our professional grade polishing compounds.  We will finish with a professional grade wax designed to give your vehicle a “like new” appearance.

Paint Chip touch-up

No matter how careful you are with your vehicle, sooner or later you are going hit some debris kicked up by other vehicles.  While these defects may be small, over time they accumulate and start to affect the way your vehicle looks.  We offer an easy way to fix those unavoidable paint chips that occur from normal use of your car.

Interior Detailing

Has the accumulated effects of time taken it’s toll on your cars interior?  Let us help return your vehicles interior to a clean, beautiful.  We’ll start by shampooing and steam cleaning the carpets and upholstery inside your car.  Next we’ll treat and detail all of the leather and vinyl parts so they’ll look like new.   This includes the dash board, door panels, center console, and door pockets.  We’ll also make sure all  of the windows and mirrors are clean and finger print free as well.

Engine compartment cleaning

Keeping your engine clean is a great way to prevent the buildup of grime and the formation of corrosion.  Not only does this make your engine look nice, but it can actually allow your engine to run cooler, which prolongs your engines life.

Profession Headlight Restoration

Not only do dingy and dirty headlights take away from the looks of your vehicle, they reduce the performance of your headlights which makes night driving more difficult.  We will professionally polish your headlights with a professional, long lasting compounds that wont fade or wash off in a few weeks.  This is a much more affordable option compared to headlight replacement.