Collision Repair Service

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Automotive Accident Repair in Benton Harbor

Accidents Happen

Been in an accident? At Kepner’s, we’ll repair your vehicle right! We work on all
makes and models of vehicles, old or new, foreign or domestic. From minor
damage like dents and scratches, to major collision repairs and structural work.

Panel alignment, doors, fenders, & hood must all be in proper alignment. And when it comes to color matching, no one does it better than Kepner’s!

At Kepners, we:
• Work to keep our shop equipped with the technology needed to fix today’s
evermore complex vehicles
• Lead our technicians in the latest technology through ongoing training
• Strive to meet standards of top-quality paint and repair work
• Are dedicated to improving the collision repair industry

acidents happen
insurance estimate

And we work with all insurance companies!

At Kepner’s, we work with ALL insurance companies. Sometimes customers are led to believe that they must get multiple estimates, or they must go to a shop recommended by their insurance company.

At Kepner’s, we’re proud to say
“Remember- it’s YOUR right to choose… and you’re RIGHT to choose Kepner’s”.
We’ve been saying that for a long time, because it’s completely true- you can
choose your body shop, no matter who your insurance company recommends.
We’ll simplify any steps with your insurance company, to make it a simple and
easy process for you.


When new, your car’s finish is beautiful… but it is also the first line of defense
against rust & corrosion. With new color tones that include metallics, pearlescents,
and colors that even seem to change in motion, repairing and repainting these
finishes takes a special touch. At Kepner’s, we take special care to match both the
color and the tone of your finish, to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition, with
an undetectable repair & refinish